From time to time, I have created a number of projects (part of them are long-term and large-scale). The common thing is that all these projects are related to urban analytics and GIS. They also utilise my spatial and quantitative analysis skills.

Following are the my selected projects. You could check the full list of my projects here.

WAAT - A Walking Accessibility Assessment Tool for 3D City

A time-dependent, topological sensitive and bi-directional walking accessibility assessment tool

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Visualing commute pattern - Story behind 2.8 million workers in Hong Kong

Interactive data essay interpretating job supply trends through origin-destination (OD) matrix of the workers

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The Dirty of Loudness - Spatio-temporal Noise Pollution in a Residential Area

An award-winning entry investigating the spatio-temporal traffic noise pollution in an residential district of Hong Kong

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Visibility from Peaks - Where, and How Much

A web map application for investigating area visible from the peaks of Hong Kong

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The Turf War of Beef Bowls

Mapping the major fast food chain in Japan for understanding the locational differences of each chain

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Railway vs. Bus Neighbourhood

Understanding commuting spatial flow patterns and mapping the dominance of railway in Hong Kong

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Street Suffix Pattern

Maps and charts to unveil the patterns of street names

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