Visibility from Peaks - Where, and How Much

Interactive Map Web
Created as a personal project, June 2021

How much of the city you can see from the hills?

This project is an interactive 3d web map for viewers to explore where they can see from the peaks of Hong Kong. The web map calculate the visible area (viewshed) from any point the user clicked on the map.

In addition, the user can select their own visible range when computing the viewshed so as to imitate the visible range during different weather. The current visibility are also available in the webpage for users' reference (data provided by API of Hong Kong Observatory).

Play the Interactive Map

Overview of the web map
Overview of the web map
Overview of the web map
Example usage of the map to drag and view the topography of the hill, as well as zoom to the designated spots
Overview of the web map
Example usage of performing a viewshed analysis, allowing users to view the visible area from the peaks

Tools Used

  • ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Online

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